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August 30, 2007


Well, Ace, I'm glad you didn't let it go. Pardon the saccharine-ness of what follows, but . . . you do me and others a huge favor by sharing your views. I've already learned from your posts and those of other readers. A variety of views also makes these discussions a lot more engaging--and may even help to prompt the kinds of changes walkers (and cyclists) would favor. So, yes, please keep those comments coming--particularly if you DON'T agree with content posted here.

I'm sorry to say I think you're right about accommodating high-speed cyclists on Greenways as presently constituted. 'Sorry' because in principle I don't think they should have to leave the city in order to be able to ride freely and safely (but also, subjectively, because I find cyclists in general more considerate and alert than my fellow walkers).

I also have to concede you're probably right that clueless pedestrians--and even those whose walking seems more deliberate and purposeful, but equally clueless--are out in greater numbers on the weekend. But as a weekday walker on the Hudson River Greenway, I can tell you there's no shortage of these types Monday to Friday, either.

The obvious solution would seem to be total separation, as on the Manhattan Bridge pedestrian and bike paths. And yet, and yet, there's something invigorating about being among people using the roadway in a variety of ways--if only it could be accomplished safely.

I was just gonna let this go but

"It's frustrating for avid bicyclists because the much heralded Greenway which was supposed to give us a safe place to ride up and down (and eventually completely around) Manhattan has instead become a promenade for an ever growing number of pedestrians."

kept running through my mind.

If these avid bicyclists are using the Greenway to commute to work then I suspect that the only time they would encounter the "ever growing number of pedestrians" is on weekend afternoons during nice weather. If "avid" bicycling means recreational indulgence at high speeds then they should know enough to avoid the Greenway during weekend afternoons during nice weather.

It just might be that public spaces in New York City are not the best places for recreational bicycling at high speeds.

On weekends the avid bicyclists I know are up early in the morning and catching Metro North out of town with their bicycles or heading over the GW Bridge for the wild north country where they cannot go wrong.

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