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August 11, 2007


The Luster of Tomorrow's Headlights
Writen by Tracy Dawson

Headlights technology is entertaining new intensities, shapes, safety and styling. It is aimed at making the future of headlights brighter and beneficial.

Earlier, Honda has unraveled its ASM concept of minivan. The latter is equipped with distinctive light-emitting diode LED headlights. The same can be used to boost conspicuity while driving. The automaker is also using such technology for ambient lighting of the ASM interior.

Great blog. This post reminds me of a quote I saw recently:

"This is about revolutionizing urban culture...for a long time cars
were associated with freedom of movement and flexibility. What we want
to show people is that in many ways bicycles fulfill this role much
more today."

-Pierre Aidenbaum, mayor of Paris's trendy third district, upon
opening 15 docking stations in Paris's new bicycle rental scheme.

(as seen in the WORLD CARFREE NEWS #46 - AUGUST 2007)

So much auto mythology is tied towards romancing the road that we lose sight of the stress involved with maintaining a stupid car. I often wonder why more mental health experts don't push Americans toward lessing our collective dependence on the automobile. Walking/cycling is such an easy way to diffuse needless stress and aggravation in our lives.

Thanks for helping me count the ways.

The car offers the freedom to work many hours to pay for it and then many more hours to buy a replacement when the first one wears out and depreciates down to zero. The car also offers the freedom to avoid nature and other humans that might be found walking on a sidewalk. The car offers the freedom of wearing heals or other uncomfortable shoes --- thus the freedom to make a fashion statement on your feet. Manolo Blahnik doesn't make mere walking shoes! The freedom of the car abounds!

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