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January 12, 2008


Thanks for taking the time to comment, Brooklyn Escort.

As you'll see in her comments, above, Faith suggests an excursion up Pleasant Valley Avenue,
just below Grymes Hill, which I plan to do now that the weather's warmer. While I'm in the vicinity, I'll trek around Grymes Hill too. I will take photos and report what I found.

Thanks for the suggestion!

very nice. have you tried grymes hill? very steep and alot of fun.

And I love your appreciative comments, Faith.

Well, whether you intended it or not, you've given me my next assignment: Hillside Avenue between VanDuzer and, ultimately, Howard Avenue, I guess. But I will look out for that dead-end on Pleasant Valley Avenue and see what I can see (and photograph!)

In a related vein: At the end of last summer--and in connection with The Vertical Life series--I trekked to the top of Pearl Street (off Trossach Road, if you remember that; it ultimately lets out onto Van Duzer Street as well) in order to photograph a very modern ironwork gate at the bottom of a long stone staircase. Adjacent to that gate was a wide, grassy path leading to the same area, I believe, as the one you're referring to.

At the time, I didn't want to venture onto what may have been someone's private property, but your reminiscence has aroused my curiosity. When I go to check out Hillside Avenue, etc., I'll return to Pearl Street and ask the neighbors if it's okay to take a stroll down (or up, really) that grassy path.

Thanks for sharing your memories of growing up on Staten Island's (still) beautiful North Shore.

I love these photos, and seeing them awakens me to why I look for these kinds of scenes in other cities, having grown up on SI and not lived there in 30 years. The house I lived in on Hillside Avenue (between Grymes Hill and Van Duzer st./ Stapleton)had a staircase that went down the side of our house and connected to the dead end of Pleasant Valley Ave. through a little field. I assume that the stairs were "ours" and the next foot over belonged to Wagner College. Pleasant Valley dead-ended. There was no apparent boundry to the college there. I'm curious what it looks like now.

That little garage is so cute.

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