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January 16, 2008


Thanks for writing, Amadio.

As Tony predicted in his comment of August 20, 2008, builders have indeed erected two or three new one-family houses on that lot and repaired the stone stairway and wall as well.

Corson, Scribner, Winter and, to a lesser extent, Hendricks --- and selected parts of Westervelt in that stretch --- are definitely on the upswing. Despite the economy.

I lived in the white house on the left on Westervelt as a boy from 1941 to 1948. The vacant lot next to the house was vacant then and had been for some time. I'm surprised to see it still vacant.

Thanks for the information, Tony. I've seen signs on that property from time to time but didn't realize the owners were active now.

It seems odd that they would proceed at this particular time, given the county foreclosure rate and, just for one example, the stalled multi-unit project on the south side of Victory Boulevard near Pike Street that's sitting there moldering, half complete.

Though the corner of Westervelt and Scribner is a more attractive location, I would be more hopeful if the market weren't so shaky, and from what I read, getting shakier.

Builders are getting ready to erect 2 or 3 houses on this site. Lets hope they repair and restore the stairs, walk and walls. I ususally use the street to climb the hill although I do see people using the stairs on occasion. Thanks for the writeup and photos.

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