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March 06, 2008


Good suggestion, Ace. I'll keep it in mind for future confabs of this type.
Several panelists did recount their journeys via bus, ferry and train; but I'm sure most arrived by car.

One solution might be to compel government agencies to use mass transit while on official business--except for certifiable emergencies. If that mandate were introduced and enforced starting tomorrow, ridership would skyrocket, frequency would improve markedly, and car use would plummet, except in those neighborhoods least well served by buses and/or trains.

(I wonder if one can make the case that increased ridership would also lower the subsidy cost-per-rider; any thoughts on that?)

Like you, I gather, I'm more than a little fed up with bureaucrats driving their Priuses to conferences where everybody agrees on the importance of mass transit, then drives back home or back to the office.

Could we have asked each panel member to tell us what form of conveyance they used to get them to the presentation?

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