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January 04, 2009


Thanks for your comment, Beth.

After the two presidential electoral defeats we suffered in what I will call The Callow Decade (can a decade be called 'callow'?), Obama continues to surprise us (and the press) when he indicates he's moving forward on ideas that one might have assumed were campaign trail abstractions.

As for instance:

In yesterday's NY Times video coverage of a somewhat informal interview with the press (vs. a more formal press conference), Obama asserted he will tolerate no congressional earmarks being attached to legislation associated with the economic recovery program.

One reporter evidently assumed Obama's announcement about earmarks was--in part, at least--a rhetorical flourish. When the reporter posed a question that obviously took only half seriously Obama's rather direct statement, Obama corrected him, politely but firmly.

And with that, we were presented with the possibility, and not for the first time, that Obama actually meant all or most or at least some of what he told us during The Endless Campaign.

Imagine that.

Dan, from your lips to God's ears.

We pray for our new President, that his actions will be guided wisely, and that his path will be kept safe.

It was good to spend Election Night with you and Ellen. Looking forward to a joyful reprise in November 2012, when he's re-elected.

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