February 17, 2009


Thanks for your comments, Beth.

RE Comment #1: I recognize, in fact celebrate, all that digital technologies make possible, including this blog. Universal literacy and access trump inkwells and leatherbound volumes every time.

In fact, a giant convergence seems to me inevitable, with a computer at its heart: a television on which I receive messages of various sorts in text, image and sound; experience entertainment; compose poems; read short stories; and design PowerPoint presentations. All in one sleek box.

In my post I was thinking of my work as a writer in publishing and advertising ('copy' vs. 'text'); of the muffled sound of the ancient Underwood manual typewriter I received for my 10th birthday; of the surprisingly intimate feel of old hardcovers vs. the digits that arrange themselves onscreen.

But I was also thinking about resisting the powerfully addictive pull of these technologies in my own life and using my time to pursue other interests (one of which is my digital camera, of course).

RE Comment #2: I'd be delighted to have the Times include Walking is Transportation.com on its blogroll, but I wonder if the blog's more diffuse and more personal outlook--more Staten Island, but not just walking, not just transportation--might disqualify it.

What I've been told is that the more you post--which is what I've been doing since the beginning of the year--the more you get noticed and linked.

If you or others would like to nominate WIT for inclusion in the Times blogroll, I'd be honored!

Hi Dan,
Two quick comments (one related to your "print vs text" post, the other related to your blog itself).

Comment 1: Regarding the value of the "printed word": I share your feelings generally, and don't dispute that something would be lost if our books and pens and inkwells (I still use the latter sometimes) were to disappear into oblivion.

But surely you recognize that the digital revolution creates new literacy possibilities for the so-called Third World. It makes vast bodies of art & scholarship available to millions who might otherwise never have been able to access them.

Another issue worth consideration is that some print media draws upon natural resources in an unsustainable volume. All that newsprint may represent masses of trees and other plant material that could be put to more productive use... or just left alone to continue to grow and green the planet.

Does the digital revolution necessarily create an either-or choice? I don't have the answers, but simply pose the question for further thought and discussion.

Comment 2: In the NY Times Metro section, there's a long blogroll that lists numerous interesting blogs on life in various NYC communities. Lots of Manhattan and Brooklyn-based blogs, some Queens and maybe one or two Bronx-based blogs. But unless I'm missing something, there's nary a blog listed to represent our fair isle.

Won't you consider sending them some info on Walking Is Transportation? If need be, your friends and neighbors could rally and insist that NYT add you to their blogroll. For that matter, the NYT should also list Malachi's and Robin's blogs. Is Cynthia's Prodigal Boro blog still active? There are probably a few others that I'm forgetting to mention here.

But you get the idea.
I look forward to your comments!

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