March 29, 2009


I, Goldfarb and Ferreri thank you, Edward, for your obvious discernment and good taste, not to mention your speed-reading ability. :)

You will be pleased to hear what I've heard, I think, which is that David Goldfarb is hard at work on a similar book on Stapleton (and I hear someone else is doing a book on Port Richmond).

I haven't always been impressed with the quality of the writing in this series, but the Goldfarb/Ferreri text was straightforward, helpful, and didn't waste my time.

(I gave away my copy to two new arrivals in St. George--a housewarming present. Your comment here reminds me I need to get a replacement. Thanks, Edward.)

Bought the book upon your recommendation, and read the whole thing in one sitting while riding the subway home from the bookstore! What a treat--so much I didn't know about St. George, and TONS of pix and maps. Text is sparse but informative. Man, would I have loved to live in St. George 120 years ago! So lovely. And of course, it's a nice neighborhood today, too.

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