April 20, 2009


Thanks for the recommendation, John. I'll follow your instructions and share my findings here.

Sad to report I'm carrying about 12 extra pounds, which will slow my pace somewhat; but it's good to have a destination or, as in this case, a route.

Will Dan survive The Bayonne Challenge? Stay tuned.

I have been across the Bayonne Bridge many times, usually to take a quick jog. Unlike you, I would start on the Bayonne side and make it as far and the toll booths in Staten Island before turning back. If you walked as far as Journal Square on your visit to Jersey, you must be accustomed to walking a good deal. I encourage you to give Bayonne another chance. When you get to the end of the bridge, I believe on Fourth Street, make a right until you hit Broadway and then make a left. It shall make for a more interesting walk than JFK Boulevard, and I hope give a better impression of Bayonne. Once you hit Jersey City, Broadway becomes Garfield Ave. Jersey City has much to offer as well. You may like Liberty State park, to the east of Garfield Ave., with its views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Manhattan. Also, Downtown Jersey City, Little India off of Journal Square on Newark Ave, and Central Ave in Jersey City Heights may be of interest. I know a bit about the roads in Hudson County, so if interested, feel free to ask.

Thanks for your comment, Chris.

Actually, I didn't say there was anything worthwhile to see on Staten Island. Not that there isn't; I just didn't say there was.

What I did say was that the other side--Bayonne, at least where the bridge walkway leaves you--wasn't very interesting. Clean, yes. Nice, yes. Interesting, no.

I also didn't say I turned around and walked back over the bridge, as you did. I gave Bayonne a chance. I walked up Kennedy Boulevard all the way to Journal Square in Jersey City, stopping for a while in Bayonne Park, which fronts on Newark Bay.

But I found I liked Jersey City better. And Staten Island even better than that.

Takes all kinds.

I walked the Bayonne Bridge for the first time today. I do not recommend this for people who are afraid of heights. I myself am and am walking as many bridges as possible to help overcome the fear. I started to turn back and decided to keep going afterall. The angle is high and the walkway is isolated from the roadway. I live in NJ & started on the Bayonne side. In contrast to what the article says, there is absolutely nothing worthwile to see in Staten Island. After getting thre I turned around and walked back to Bayonne to walk in he nice parks there. I was alone for the most part on the bridge, except for a bum or two, two rollerbalders & one couple who only walked halfway and then turned back. I definitely recommend walking this bridge.

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