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April 25, 2009


Since I live about four blocks from Snug, I consider it my "estate". We take frequent walks there, and I have shown there, curated exhibitions there, celebrated my 50th birthday there, in short, I've had a very active relationship with the place. The current strangle-hold of mismanagement and incompetence is truly tragic, and has endured too long. The board is beyond deaf, it has constructed a wall of indifference to the place, because any responsible board member of a non-profit could see how the place has deteriorated, and has lost all credibility and esteem. Many in our community have already written the place off, but this would be the worst mistake. We have to wrestle Snug Harbor back!!!

Yes, there's plenty of money to fund Tuscan gardens and fantasy vineyards but little to make Snug Harbor a place where Staten Island artists in all media have a place to work and a place to show.

There's so little money that Ms. Paulo-Huber has to charge a ridiculous $2 admission charge, a tactic practically guaranteed to cut attendance without raising any revenue worth talking about. Then she can point to low attendance as a justification for eliminating staffing by an attendant who might be able to help people trying to cope with locked doors and no signage indicating how to gain access.

The "No Access" sign says a lot about the administration's priorities. So does the deteriorating structure behind it.

Oh, my. Talk about images speaking volumes. How embarrassing. For them.

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