April 22, 2009


I grew up on Fort Hill Park (number 7). I was thrilled to see the pictures and happy to hear that what we used to call the Castle Grounds is now a park and will be preserved. From what my mother told me about that area, it originally belonged to a family named Griesharbor (I'm not sure of the spelling), and at one time there actually had been a small castle on the site. One of my earliest memories is watching "the castle" being demolished. I would love to correspond more with people who are interested in Fort Hill Park. Thanks.

Hi, Cynthia; I'm a friend of Theo's and I know your house well. First, because a friend of ours care-took it for the owners before the owners from whom you bought it. (I think.) But also because it was one of several featured on the last St. George House Tour, an eternity ago.

Don't know if your house is the highest point in St. George (the Fort Hill Park contingent might have something to say on that subject), but your house certainly is one of the most charming--in a fairly crowded field.

I'd be delighted to have you link to "The Vertical Life." You may be pleased to learn that the next FROM THE ARCHIVES will be posted with a 4/26 pub date (hey, that's today!). The post profiles those bizarre staircases that ascend from Victory Boulevard to Ward Hill, among other things.

Hope you enjoy it, and I thank you for taking the time to comment.

This is a wonderful post. I write the prodigalborough.com blog. May I link from my blog to this article? I also live up on Fort Hill, the highest part of St. George. There are many steps up to our house (the highest house on Fort Hill Circle). Hmmm.....does that mean that my house is the highest point in St. George?

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