May 29, 2009


Thank you for giving me and WIT some of your time.

The odd thing about this book's appeal is, I've never been drawn to nautical/marine and related topics. Attribute it a paucity of imagination, if you like.

Maybe it was the Staten Island-ness of the story that drew me to it. Or maybe it was Michael Falco's extraordinary photos--which have a kind of quiet grandeur that draws you inside each image. Or maybe it was the combination of these things and the story itself--the opportunity to learn more about a place I pass all the time yet know nothing of.

As you'll discover, CADDELL DRY DOCK is physically a very beautiful book and very comfortable in the hand. It certainly deserves a wide Staten Island readership.

Thanks again for your comment.

I will rush right over to Amazon to order the Caddell Dry Dock story. I look forward to reading and seeing the photographs. Thanks for the review and the blog!

Joe, it's not easy to respond to such generous praise except to tell you that it's gratifying to have my work read and appreciated.

I don't mean to overdo the modesty, but in fact the format and style really are second nature, disciplines that come from having been, as one of my copy supervisors put it, a "journeyman" writer most of my life.

The biggest compliment you pay me, though, is that you visit the site and read the work. Thank you most of all for that.

I've greatly enjoyed the recent posts highlighting Staten Island's proud waterfront history. I have learned more about the history and cultural life of this island in the past few months than I had in all the years before.

Also, I meant to comment on this a week or so ago, but now seems as good a time as any. Presenting your articles as issues instead of posts separates your blog from the thousands of others on the web today. Not just because of the subject matter (very generally, Staten Island), but the professional way in which it is presented. The layout reminds me more of a community newsletter, albeit one that is brimming with history and commentary. All too often, blogs are buried in grammatical errors and typos, churned out in stock formats, and feature no artwork at all, original or otherwise. To say yours is different is an extreme understatement. The pictures alone make it all worthwhile.

Keep up the good work.


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