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June 15, 2009


looks like the street needs some help. I know it will be beautiful once it is all completed.

Good to know you're out there and reading, Joe. Thanks for your comment.

Well, I was hoping that that 'a bit more progressive' candidate for borough president was going to be Mike McMahon; but better to be rid of Bush lapdog Fossella and have McMahon in Congress, than have the lapdog in Congress and McMahon in Borough Hall.

Great issue. I've been considering a degree in urban or transportation planning for the last few months, so posts like this are especially worthwhile.

Staten Island is a veritable goldmine of how urban planning and transportation are instrinsically linked with the economic well being of an area. No where is this more evident than in an urban area like St. George/Tompkinsville. Anything to make our northern communities more walkable and less dependent on car travel will be good for the community. More selective retail focused on a diversity of users, not just any old deli, will do a lot to lend St. George a more distinctive feel. The many bagel shops tend to turn an interesting strip of storefronts into a bland muddle. And they multiply like rabbits. Yet, I wonder whether the sour economy is keeping some of the more eclectic retailers from setting up shop.

I've been meaning to ask Dan. Do you think we will see Mr. Molinaro around for another term? While my feelings on him are generally mixed, I think this borough needs someone a bit more progressive in charge.

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