June 25, 2011


Hello and thank you,..as both a fan and friend of Roberts' I was more than pleased to read your
blog on him. I am looking forward to attending his show at Galerie St. George. My time spent with Robert is always exciting and informative, and you've captured this in your piece.
Thank you

Thank you, K and Adrienne, for your kind words about my writing on Robert Civello's recent work.

As a fan of Robert's work I can truly appreciate your skill in describing these figures for which most people are left speechless.
I look forward to seeing more of Robert's work at Galerie St. George (11 Phelps Place SI, NY)July 9th 4-8pm.

Thank you, Robert.

I write in order to corral my thoughts; to record them, yes, but also to understand them. As an artist, you will know what that means.

The opportunity to write about your work really WAS an opportunity. It made me think beyond merely admiring your use of color or writing about the erotic content of the canvases.

The process yielded greater clarity about your work, a coherent way of understanding it. That's much more satisfying to me than liking (or disliking) an artwork without taking the trouble to figure out why.

So thank you, Robert.

Thank You Dan. I Appreciate your facility with words and mind coming together . too my benefit . Robert

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