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LAUNCH, ABORT, RELAUNCH: After an initial launch in 2007 and despite positive press in Streetsblog/New
York, AM/New York, and the Staten Island Advance, I began to feel increasingly restricted by WALKING IS TRANSPORTATION's narrow focus on transportation issues. I decided to re-think the blog so I could enjoy working on it again. WIT went dark for months.

A BROADER FOCUS: I re-launched WIT last December, 2008, determined to allow events, issues and interests to shape more of its content. No longer narrowly focused on transportation issues, WIT is now a place that offers commentary on politics and culture; a place whose concerns include a variety of urban policy and service issues; and a place open to contributions from its readers. Guidelines available on request.

UNAPOLOGETICALLY FROM STATEN ISLAND: At first, I thought being identified too closely with Staten Island would be a limitation. Not so; if anything, avoiding mention of Staten Island as too parochial, too narrow, prevented me from writing about what I know. But not anymore.

The north shore of Staten Island is not WIT's focus, but the island's north shore is where this blog comes from. Inevitably, both visuals and text reflect that.

[For an example, go to and check out my series, "The Vertical Life," about the experience of living on the hillsides and hilltops of St. George, New Brighton, Tompkinsville, Ward Hill and Stapleton. You'll find the series in the archives for October, 2007; January, 2008; and April, 2008. It uses local photos extensively.]

VISUALLY RICH: A number of readers have commented on WIT's use of imagery--sometimes abstract or ironic, sometimes informative, sometimes simply decorative. Much of it, work by local artists. Submissions welcome.

FEEDBACK, PLEASE: I hope you'll find a moment to visit Walking is and, if you do, that you'll let me know what you think.