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November 14, 2007


Thanks for your comment, Steve.

I think Ace is right. It's a matter of seasonal adjustment. I was particularly encouraged by the idea that my blood is thickening, to help me accommodate the change in the weather.

I appreciate your encouraging words.

Thanks for writing, Faith.

As you know from personal experience, living on the north shore of Staten Island is like living nowhere else in New York. Though my wife and I both grew up in Manhattan, I recently found myself saying to a friend that while I wasn't looking, I had become a Staten Islander.

As I hope is evident from my posts here, I have come to love my home borough--despite the negatives that inevitably attach to any choice of home base, including Manhattan.

I appreciate your comments and hope for your continuing readership. I will indeed walk on (with long underwear and Ace's suggestion of a silk undershirt).

About your nippy walk from Tompkinsville to St. George--- I grew up on Staten Island , from 1956-76, and for the high school years I went to school in Manhattan. I almost always walked home from the ferry, and home was the far side of Sailor's Snug Harbor; All year, any weather, most anytime of day and night (the concert years). Anywhere I went in "the city", and really it was mostly Brooklyn or Manhattan ( as far up as 137th st.)I knew that I could get home as long as I had a nickle. One particular time sticks in mind, when, having gone to Washington DC for an anti-Vietnam War protest I became separated from my group. I found a bus with room, going to Riverside Church. And I had a nickle. I was all set.
I'm enjoying reading your blog enormously. I have lived in Washington State for the last 25+ years, though in many ways I'm still a Staten Island girl. Thanks. and walk on!!!

I think if I can make it all winter long by scootering around St. Louis you can manage to walk around New York. For me it takes being out in the changing weather daily --- getting adjusted to the change.

Hi, Ace,

Long-sleeve silk undershirt, check. I bought silk longjohns--as you may know from personal experience, they're surprisingly warm--from the Winter Silks catalog; I'll see if I can find long-sleeve undershirts there. Thanks for the tip.

Dan Icolari

Just wait a few weeks for your blood to thicken and you'll be oot and aboot. Or, try some of the athletic clothing made or not made from seaweed the NYTimes wrote about yesterday. I swear by long sleeve silk undershirts.

I was lucky enough to have an early evening walk in light snow over the Manhattan Bridge last year. I doubt if I will ever forget how lovely and special that was.

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