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November 06, 2007


Thank you, Tom, and you, too, Jonathan, for your kind comments.

I testified at the hearing last night, while I don't agree with congestion pricing as I stated because not one local bus is promised to Staten Island, only one express bus, and I also believe the revenue generated from this is just another way to give government more money that it won't properly use.

However, I really think you did one hell of a job describing what happened last night. I don't think anyone on Staten Island is for congestion pricing is pretty much I don't see how this is gonna fix traffic to the point we are all off the roads, after all what we really need is cutting bus,express, subway fares, increasing bus service, returning the Brooklyn Ferry we don't even need any 8 dollar tax on trucks, cars, and anyone else who desires here, and there to come to the city. I also don't see with buses moving as slow as they will, this is gonna speed up our commute, we have the worst commute in the country, not to mention the only place in the country that has to pay to leave.

I do think you did a great job with your testimony, and covering this as whole, I hope you make it too the meeting next week about the MTA Fare Hike.

Thanks for the writeup; very informative!!

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